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Etagi is more than just a real estate agency. More than 300 specialists of our own IT company work every day to design new products and improve what has already been created specifically for us, our franchisees and clients.
How our own IT-ecosystem works
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All services are integrated with each other, creating an ecosystem that allows you to always see the complete picture of the business and be as efficient as possible
It is build up by trial and error and works perfectly for the Real estate market.
Being integrated with all other systems it allows your business to be flexible and really transparent.

The system provides attention to each client and supports the functionality:
What makes it unique?
Client's card with basic and full information

History of requests and activities (views, displays, etc.)

List of transactions / orders / tasks for the client
Maintaining requests for a customized stage

Notifications to mail and chatbots for various events in the system

Recording the main stages of employees' work to build analytics and performance measurement
A system for managing and recording the business process of selling a real estate object with supporting processes from legal, financial, mortgage and other services.

Key features:
What makes it unique?
Integrations with banks for the exchange of documents for obtaining a mortgage

Template for contracts and documents

Integration with real estate aggregator platforms
Module for working with objects

Application management

Realtors motivation evaluation

Telephone directory of employees
An innovative Business Intelligence system collects all the raw data and processes to show you the whole company as in the palm of your hand. At once you'll detect the areas to work on to drive your company growth.

Analytical system for collecting and building reports from various sources:
What makes it unique?
Collecting sources from various databases and files

Generating reports

Forming summaries
Building various data sections with a graphic presentation

Dashboard of key business indicators

Notification system upon detection of deviations

Automatic data export
A system to work with task management in CRM system that will help to keep track on all the customers, set tasks not to leave them without attention and be able to effectively manage sales process.

System for setting and managing tasks:
What makes it unique?
Notification system

Task commenting

Kanban board view

Attaching files

Our website platform is packed with features that make customer experience convenient and easy, and that's why we register over 4 million visits each month.

System for attracting customers through high-quality and convenient content presentation:
What makes it unique?
Real estate search system by category, map and others parameters

Displaying the infrastructure of objects

Personal account for working with applications
HR pages for attracting candidates

Landing pages of various formats

Mortgage programs calculator

Demonstration of the USP of the company
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Mobile Etagi
A system that duplicates the work of the website for easy access to content, with the ability to subscribe to various mailing lists and direct communication with a realtor.

What makes it unique?
Mobile Ries
System that duplicates the functionality of internal systems with convenient and quick access from mobile devices, with push notifications and client chat window.

What makes it unique?
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Head of International Development
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