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Get personal offer to start your own business right now
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Exclusive right for the territory
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no initial fees
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Our franchise package
Every franchisee has a personal start-up and supporting manager, that provides him with 24/7 support in marketing, staffing, legal aspects, financial analysis and resource optimization.

You will also get a detailed operations manual describing the way or business works.
Head office support
We provide you with online training portal, that is flexible and can be adjusted depenting on your wishes.
You will get an elaborate system of testing and training, and talent management of your employees.

Training system
We assist you in team building, help to create a team of top-managers.
You get access to the system of recruitment, adaptation and motivation of employees.
HR technologies
Access to the marketing knowledge base, which contains layouts for all developed standards, regulations, advertising campaigns, pricing system, that can be easily adapted to the specifics of your city.

You get a USP-system, working on the one-stop-shop principle, that will help you attract customers and make your company stand out among competitors thanks to its profitable concept

Marketing tools
We provide franchisees with an overwhelming set of tools to start and run from expertise-based support to up-to-date technologies. All the tools proved their efficiency according to the experience of 130 franchisees and head office.
CRM provides your team with efficient tools to manage relations with clients. Being synchronized with all other services, it also gives you transparent picture of the sales process.
Website makes a process of real estate search convenient and fast for you customers. It has multiple functions that improve the client experience.
Get powerful IT-system
200 IT-specialists work everyday to improve our IT-system and create new products specifically for the Real Estate sector. That gives our franchisees a crucial competitive advantage over the market.
Collects all the operations indicators. Allows your business to be transparent and has a great variety of options to see strengths and weaknesses of your system.
Gives your clients quick access to your services.
Allows your sales team to be flexible and provide high quality services.
Business Intelligence system
Mobile Apps
Maintask will help improve department efficiency and complete tasks on time.
The service combines all communication channels into one window: messengers, online chat, emails. Helps to increase the speed of response.
Facts about our franchisees
of our franchisees are Top-3 in their cities by number of transactions
average profitability of our franchisees
average payback period of our franchisees
About Etagi
most profitable franchises with investments 1-5 mln rub
according to Forbes Russia rating
Employers in Russia according to the jobsite
in terms of volume of
mortgage loans according
to VTB and Sberbank
according to the national franchise portal
Our philosophy and global mission
In 2000, I founded a Real Estate Agency named Etagi. That time I worked with just 22 people. I would have never even thought about that, but today 12000 employees of our company work in 127 cities in 7 countries.

We've worked on various aspects of our business, focused on IT-processes, and automated our business model. Every day our 200 IT-specialists create new products, develop existing ones and support franchise network 24/7.

IT and people make our system stronger. We realized how important employee development is, so we constantly invest in training and help people become the best versions of themselves. This understanding helped us become market leaders in Russia and the CIS. And now our goal is to become the first in the world.

We are looking for the franchisees with the same passion and irresistible desire to make the real estate sector better, more technological and more customer-oriented.

Looking forward to see you in our team.

Ildar Khusainov
CEO and Founder
Videos about us
"Alone we can do so little together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller
Change the Real Estate market with us!
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